Wspólna Ziemia - Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczno - Kulturalne

About us

Ecological - Cultural Association “Common Earth” was estabilished in December 1996 (it was then when the founding meeting took place and when we chose the name of our group). Officially the association was registered in July 1997. Before that, since 1994 there was a local group of Animal Liberation Front active in Chojnice and our association originated from it. In 2004, due to immigration of most of the members of the “Common Earth”, the association suspended its activity. Now, in 2009 we are reactivating...

We invite all our previous activists and all people, who have heard about us for the first time and who care about the issues of the protection of nature and ecology, and also about ambitious and independent culture to cooperate with us.

Yearly membership fee is 20 zl (5 euro). For 2009 the fee is 10 zl. Donations are appreciated.

Our bank account:

Bank Spó³dzielczy w Chojnicach


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